Findings from MENA

With the reces­sion con­tin­u­ing to bite in Europe, it’s per­haps no sur­prise that we’ve noticed a steady increase in the num­ber of RfPs for research assign­ments from other regions, most notably the Mid­dle East.

In fact, over the last 2-years, we have car­ried out a great deal of research in the Mid­dle East and North Africa. Here are some tips for car­ry­ing out research in this part of the world!


  • Make sure you get your week­ends right: Thursday-Friday in Saudi Ara­bia, Friday-Saturday in most oth­ers, while Lebanon fol­lows the Saturday-Sunday pattern!
  • Many physi­cians across MENA are com­fort­able being inter­viewed in Eng­lish or French (in Lebanon) hav­ing con­ducted most of their pro­fes­sional train­ing  in Europe or North America.
  • With sig­nif­i­cant lev­els of med­ical tourism in hubs like Beirut and Amman, it is impor­tant to recog­nise that physi­cians’ case­loads in these areas may not always be rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the local population.
  • Though most gen­er­ally have a good inter­net con­nec­tions, MENA respon­dents often pre­fer to com­plete inter­views face to face.