BPR Communications Research

We couldn’t start an agency with­out ask­ing some questions…

So we devel­oped a ques­tion­naire and asked a techie to put it online for us.  We wanted to know what our clients, research part­ners and friends thought about poten­tial names and colour palettes. Read our report to find out how we got to Brooks Pum­frey Research (and how many of you, use Linkedin and Face­book). And because we love research so much, we’ll be doing more sur­veys for your inter­est over the com­ing years – watch this space!

An online study was under­taken with client and sup­plier con­tacts as well as friends of Matt and Bridget…

  • To under­stand which of a series of dif­fer­ent agency names was most (and least) pre­ferred,  to gauge reac­tions to other com­mu­ni­ca­tions issues (e.g. colour palettes) and to under­stand use of social software
  • To con­vey the ethos of client and respon­dent engage­ment (which is an intrin­sic part of our research philosophy)
  • As a PR and mar­ket­ing exer­cise (i.e. to com­mu­ni­cate our inten­tion of set­ting up an agency to key clients and to keep them updated on all rel­e­vant developments)

To see the results of this study, please con­tact Brid­get or Matt.