Matt and Bridget

Two pharma researchers who wanted to become more involved in research: to spend more time with clients and respondents (and less time in meetings).

We’ve done a lot of research over the years, but we’ve also worked out­side research, as a tour-guide; a deck-hand; in ski resorts and of course, at well-known UK mar­ket research agen­cies. We’re inter­ested in new approaches to research, about engag­ing our clients in what we do and in deliv­er­ing well designed reports and pre­sen­ta­tions that impact client teams.


We’re new. And yet expe­ri­enced at the same time…

You’ll find us talk­ing about our approach and phi­los­o­phy to mar­ket research and not our years of expe­ri­ence in dif­fer­ent ther­apy areas nor how many coun­tries we’ve recently under­taken research in. We’ll make the most of the respon­dents we talk to – above and beyond the topic guide. And we’ll do our utmost to ensure that we eval­u­ate the best new approaches, rec­om­mend dif­fer­ent ways of doing what we’ve done many times before and that we chal­lenge our clients.


There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

And there’s more than one way to address a research issue – no mat­ter how sim­i­lar it is to oth­ers that have pre­ceded it. You’ll not hear us say: ‘That’s the approach we use here’. We’re open to new approaches and tech­niques that address old (and new) prob­lems. We con­sider all angles and approaches – so long as they work.


Talk­ing and ask­ing ques­tions. Won­der­ing if we could cre­ate a bet­ter pharma mar­ket research agency. Think­ing how we might do the lit­tle things bet­ter. We spent many hours at Bland­fords in cen­tral Lon­don dis­cussing our plans. And we rec­om­mend the mixed omelette and chips.

Bridget Pumfrey

Matt Brooks